1950s – 1970s (Sixties & Seventies)

The rebellious mood of the time translated into the use if unconventional materials and designs such as turquoise and coral, with prominent claw settings. Bright gold, clashing colours and spiky, quirky designs epitomized the style.

There was a growing interest in the quality of gemstones prompted by the introduction of diamond grading certificates in 1957, and in réponse to this Harry Winston and Laurence Graff would become known for their jewels employing only the most superb and important diamonds and precious stones. In addition, British jewellers came to the forefront of their profession, developing interesting techniques and combinations in the world of métal-working.

Key jewellers of this period were Buccellati, John Donald, Andrew Grima, Kutchinsky, Elsa Peretti, Seaman Schepps, David Webb and Harry Winston.



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