The artisan jeweler M. Rocher founds his jewelry shop and it bloomed with the collaboration of Jean-Baptiste Noury. Expositions Universelles (World Fairs) in Vienna and Paris. Both Exhibits participate to the solid recognition of French jewelry and are key to the prestige of the House - Mauboussin is offered a medal in 1878 in Paris.
The Grand Prix awarded by the jury to the House of Mauboussin during the « Exposition des Arts Décoratifs » in Paris is a justified recognition of its achievement and active role in a modern movement whose artistic unity touched all the decorative arts. Mauboussin captures the aesthetic and emotional dimension of the Art Deco movement with magnificent
pieces created in the 1920's. The 1940's and 1950's assert the style of the House. The war made gold scarce and jewelers used ingenuity to make beautiful pieces while masking their penury working in hollowed or "gas-pipe" style. The 1950's see
the arrival of Naturalist themes, and works that feature a sense of movement and dynamism.
A wind of anti-conformism views and social protest sweeps across the West. In jewelry, as in other fields, the creative pursuit tends toward excess, disproportion and asymmetry.
Creativity focuses on the contrast between light and shadow. Shapes are crafted to suggest sensations. The 1980's clientele
is narcissistic and hypersensitive to the personal "look". Many more Mauboussin boutiques and shop-in-shops also open in France in 2010.

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