Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Jewellery 1895-1914

By 1895, the Art Nouveau movement was beginning to sweep across Europe. Named after Siegfried Bin’s (1839-1905) avant-garde Parisian shop La Maison de l’Art Nouveau, the style’s key motifs are fluid female forms of dancers, nymphs and mermaids, and naturalistic imagery such as water lilies, flowers and dragonflies.

Art Nouveau jewellers concentrated on design and form over expensive materials, employing semi-precious stones and the beautiful colours of plique-à-jour enamels, creating the appearance of stained glass.

René Lalique was the master jeweller of this era producing exquisite and unique pièces. He led the jewellery designers of the period, which included other such names as Eugène Feuillâtre, Georges Fouquet, Lucien Gaillard and Lucien Gautrait.

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