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& Integrity 

ISKENDERIAN is member of:

  • The Swiss Association of Dealers in Art & Antiques

  • The International Art Market Association (CINOA)

  • The Swiss Foundation for the Research of Gemstones

  • The Antwerp Diamond High Council in Belgium

Museums and collectors around the world are in regular touch with the gallery to find the most sought-after pieces.


& Valuations
Precious Stones

Our experts and specialists provide confidential appraisals and valuations.

We analyse the jewel in general, stones, authenticity of awls and nature of the jewel, to inform about its value.

The client decides to sell or not the estimated jewel.

Our professional staff brings year of experience to each valuation and helps clients to discover the value of their personal treasures.

  • Through Auctions: We assist the greatest auction houses.

  • Through Private sales: We are regularly contacted by museums and collectors from around the world to find the most sought-after pieces.

ISKENDERIAN has privileged access to significant jewellers archives and gemmological laboratories.

We actively seek Precious Gemstones (Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby) and Natural Pearls